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Coming to NYC WEN (Women Empowerment Network) 2 day Conference on May 30th (9a-5p) and May 31st (4p-9p)!! This conference is a part of a 7 city tour and I am spear heading the NYC location! This conference is geared to Empower Women Financially, Spiritually, Economically and Physically! I am forever grateful to Founder and CEO Lisa Nicole Cloud for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of this amazing experience. All who are interested in participating please shoot me an email We have amazing inspiring women speakers in the building!

This will be the unofficial launch for Fearless Women Empowerment Brunch launching in June 2015. I hope you can all make it! Also please tune in to our Hour of Power every Wednesday leading up to the event. 712-432-0075 pin# 456693

On Friday April 24, 2015 I had the most humbling, inspiring, moving, amazing experience when I attended Lincoln Center 7th Annual Women In The World Conference. I was so moved by a young lady in the 6th grade from the slyms of Kenya as tears poured down while she recited her personally written poem. It was so wonderful knowing that the founders of the all girl school in Kibera, Kenya, Kennedy Odede & Jessica Posner Odede, have been able to make such an impactful difference in these young ladies lives. I was so proud at how young she was but knew she wanted to be a doctor and a world changer. So many of our kids in our country take education for granted. We also were honored to in Angelina Jolie Pitt's presence as she spoke about the chnages she works on everyday and how hard the struggles are for these women. Angelina Joile Pitt is Special Envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Co-Founder of teh Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative, Film Maker & Director. The scenarios she spoke about were so horrific and sad. Another moving moment for me was when these women came on stage towards the end of the conference and each pleaded us to help them on their mission. The founder of Bring Back our Girls from Nigeria let us know that she is still fighting that battle and reminded us that we need to help in rescuing the girls that were kidnapped in Nigeria. There also was this one woman from Iraq who cried and begged us to help her find her daughter who was kidnapped ny Isis along with hundreds of others and who she still has not yet found. I was so saddened knowing all of these horrific incidents are happening all over the world. I know I was put on this earth for a purpose and after being in tears and experiencing this event, I know that I, along with many others, am a vessel who will be able to help many all over the world. I am so happy to share this with you all and encourage you to attend next year and honor all of these amazing strong powerful women  who are making changes all over the world and who are overcoming extreme obstacles.

In March for "Women's History Month", Harlem Community News honored Uptown Women Business Owners and Im humbled that Lawrence Miles from the Women's Chamber of Commerce selected me as one of the honorees. It was an amazing inspiring event. I got to meet and network with some great women who are newly business owners and who are also owners for over 20 years. During the event every single women in the room was able to introduce themselves and their business. Thanks to Harlem News, Sponsors and Women's Chamber of Commerce for the support of Fearless Women!

Visit You Tube


















United Women in Business and WeWork recently partnered up an event which emphasized on female entrepreneurs making a positive impact in the world outside of beauty, fashion and fitness.


The Panelists Included:

- Alexandria Wilson Founder of Glam Squad @GlamSquad @GlamSquadNYC

- Carly Heitlinger Founder of College Prepster @collegeprepster @ carly

- Zara terez Founder of Zara Terez @zaraterez


The Panelists discussed with us points such as:

- How and when they decided to make the switch from working for someone to creating   a startup

- How to manage personal relationships with friends and family

- How to deal with the stress and avoid burnout

- How to get along when starting a business with a friend or family member

- How to make your business profitable


It was an amazing night filled with lots of information and they had a great turnout. Not to mention the event was held at the Facebook Headquarters. What I learned from the evening was that any one person's dream or goal can manifest with focus, passion and knowledge of the industry you are trying to begin your startup in. I'm excited for my journey!



I became a part of a women's organization called Young Women's Leadership Network. I missed my first volunteer day because my son was sick and I was so down about it but today I had the amazing opportunity to be able to have another chance at going in to speak to these young ladies who attend one of the organizations' school in Harlem. I came in at just the right time. The seniors were celebrating their upcoming graduation day and also celebrating being accepted and accepting their college of choice. It was so moving and wonderful watching the video showing their journeys. As we moved into the classrooms and were able to have one on one time with the students I became so overwhelmed with emotion and nervous as to how the girls would receive me and my story about my journey in life. Once I was able to tell them I felt so at home and comfortable. A young came up to me at the end and told how happy she was to hear by story and inspired. I touched a great soul today. I feel blessed. This has been my dream n I just took my first step to fulfill it. As long as I can change one young lady's life I will have accomplished what I was destined. Thank you for the opportunity and thank you to my girl Iman for putting them in my path. You meet certain people for a reason. #fearlesswomen 💗



















Congratulations Malala!

YWLN celebrates our longtime friend Malala Yousafzai for winning the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize! One year ago today, we honored Malala at our 2013 (Em)Power Breakfast. 

Visit "Stand In Our Shoes" and learn how TYWLS shares Malala's efforts to support the global movement for educational access. 


You inspire us, Malala, and YWLN stands with you!




















On April 9, 2014, Tina Brown hosted the Women in the World Summit, a three-day event that brings together world leaders, activists, and CEOs to share “stories of courageous and intelligent women who are taking on the status quo in their native countries, leading peace movements in the face of war and conflict, and shattering glass ceilings in every sector.”

Nene Sy, a senior at TYWLS of East Harlem, was selected to play a special role in this exciting event - Nene interviewed First Lady Michelle Obama! Nene’s interview was premiered on Saturday April 12, 2014 at the summit, where she was joined on stage by Ann Tisch. Legendary ABC News Correspondent Barbara Walters moderated and interviewed Nene about her experience at the White House. To learn more about Nene and the interview, check out the article on The Daily Beast.


Nene, who became the first in her family to attend college, turned a family tragedy into inspiration. When she was 11, Nene's mother delivered twins prematurely. Both twins eventually died, but Nene says the time she spent in the hospital watching doctors try to save the babies and help her family inspired her to become a surgeon. Nene, whose favorite subjects are math and science, is headed to Gettysburg College on a full scholarship next fall, and plans to undertake pre-med studies. Both her parents are from Mali; her father is a taxi driver.


We are proud of Nene for representing TYWLS in her conversation with the First Lady!














So inspiring and emotional hearing all the survivors and surviving family stories today at the Leukemia/lymphoma foundation (LLS).Check out LLS site to Donate. Team FearlessWomen!

Burlington coat factory is holding a donation drive for kids returning back to school.
Barclay is one of the biggest investors in the foundation.
NYC chapter is the biggest chapter supporting the organization.
Leukemia walk biggest of all walks in NYC.

275 million got co pays this past year!

3% survival rate
10,000 died last year

Please join us in the walk September 18th 2014. "Light the Night Walk" in support of the organization!















August 24, 2014 I helped to support the Good F and Stupid Cancer. We heloed raise funds for the cause. We held a all female flag football game led by some of our most popular IG NYC socialites.


Stupid Cancer, founded in 2007, is concerned with young adults 18-40, who account for 72,000 new diagnosis each year in this War with Cancer. Stupid Cancer needs financial support to be able to reach so many more young adult survivors. Ten all female teams will compete in a Flag Football Fundraising game. The fundraiser is intended to empower young adults in a meaningful way. Which is what I am all about❗️This event is multifaceted, empowering, fun, invigorating and LIFE CHANGING❗️












"I AM WORTHY", The Anti-Bullying Campaign, is a non-profit division of the WORTHY LIFESTYLE Initiative whose mission is to combat Bullying at many different levels with an intent to better and save lives. It will be administered as a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit project of We, The World ( to unite and amplify the efforts of individuals, organizations and movements working towards a common goal. We will be using our relationships and our partners at the WE Campaign to help increase the awareness of the Bullying issue and find practical solutions to improving lives. The WORTHY LIFESTYLE Initiative is a positive minded health and lifestyle initiative designed to promote various aspects of humanity and charity through various platforms that are a part of our network.

Very often we hear about lives being destroyed or lost due to avoidable causes and misunderstandings as a direct result of bullying and we intend to help this situation as much as we can. We will do this through a series of projects, events, fundraisers, competitions, concerts and many other platforms where we will target those individuals that are affected by the harsh realities of Bullying and provide them with options and moments that will help change their lives. We will be producing these events with our partners at Worthy Lifestyle Sneaker Stores, our sponsors as well as many other partners that we have been working with over the years.


Please support this special cause and my friend Ahmad Quazi Jr.
















During fashion week I got the opportunity to meet Hadiiya Barbel. She is an Emmy Award Winning Celebrity Hair Designer and creator of the Crown, Hadiiya Barbel has designed iconic loks for celebrities that include Wendy Williams, supermodel IMAN, Real Housewives of Atlanta Kim Zolciak, Star Jones, Grammy winning singer-songwriter/actress Maya, Actress Tia Mowry, singer/actress Ashanti, hip hop artist/actress Sandy "Pepa" Denton, model/actress Melyssa Ford and many others.


She very passionate about women empowerment and so has created something very special. So many young ladies battling cancer and having a hard time with hair loss, confidenc and strengths. Hadiiya recgonizing this has brought awareness and attaention to not only all young ladies but African American young ladies dealing with cancer and not having the opportunity to obtain Crowns (wigs) in their own hair texture and only having options of hair textures that really were not like their own and made them feel uncomfortable.


Lets support my friend with thei great cause. Check out her site and check out her boutique in NYC : 225 west 1oth street bet Hudson and Bleeker street NY, NY 10014.



We, as women, young women, older women, middle aged, growing up and working in New York its a challenge. We are here to provide a platform and information for all to be able to uplift you and help guide you to a positive happy healthy life. Below are some cool sights to check out.


Young Urban Moms (YUM)


United Women in Business (UWIB)


Young Women's Leadership (YWLN)


Women Doing it Big


A Women Alive


Small Girls PR


Ban Bossy


Cool Women Hot Jobs


She Creates Change


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