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Fearless Women is a Women Empowered Organization whose mission is to Uplift, Inspire and Empower. CEO/Founder Sue Fearless has set out on a journey to bring together women and coach them on how to adapt a positive mindset, develop confidence, provide support and encouragement, provide resources for job placement, etc and help them become FEARLESS and powerful! Through motivational speaking and life coaching Sue Fearless is working hard to deliver the powerful message she was meant to. ”




Fearless Women was founded Sue Fearless on January 2013. Our movement provides new women entrepreneurs the essential resources and tools required for a successful business. Our movement also welcomes women who have had successful businesses and have become entrepreneurial power houses to join us, so that we can unite and fulfill the goal of empowering women to the highest degree. We anticipate our Women Empowerment Movement to grow at a very fast pace and become exceedingly successful in fulfilling all the needs mentioned above to our people! We live during an era that will go down in history! Women are able to run for president and have a more powerful voice now more than ever, therefore, this is the time to stand up for ourselves, it is the time to stand up and unite as women! We will be raising awareness about important topics which are rarely given recognition, such as MILITARY WOMEN and Domestic Violence Victims/Survivors.. Our network is made up of women from all walks of life, races, ages, classes, businesses, employment and creativity. We have a respectable diversified team which consists of Entrepreneurs, Public Relations Experts, Motivational Speakers, Branding Experts, and prominent Media companies, Visual Artists, Women's Organizations, Real Estate Experts, Financiers, Entertainment and many more!

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