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We are sisters who have always wanted to work together on a business venture. We sat down and discussed what we love the most. We realized we love everything from Fashion, Finance, Entertainment, Female empowerment, Travel and Food. We decided to combine all that together and help empower women and give you the it places and fashion in NYC.  We want to help women feel confident so they become successful in life.  We want to help single moms feel confident and strong and able to be a great mom, maintain a job without forgetting how to be a sexy, smart, confident women. Also as a woman who has gone through a lot since a very young age I wanted to be an advocate to young girls growing up and let them know that there are people who can protect them and who they can turn to in times of trouble or if they are lost or confused and we will help with no judgment. It is very hard growing up as a minority and not having much and a lot of make choices that we shouldn’t be making in order to feed ourselves and cloth ourselves. We want to create a wonderful experience and give women as much information about everything and anything you want to know. And we will do this with passion and care.


Let’s support each other instead of break each other down,


Yours Truly,


Sue & Nini











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