Target Market

Our Program will help Women:


- Who are Survivors/Victims of Domestic Violence

- Who are lacking confidence in themselves

- Who have given up on life and lack motivation

- Who are single mothers who do it all and have given up on the idea of inner happiness

- Who have lost love for self, love for life

- Who want to become entrepreneurs but are scared to take that risk

- Who have become co-dependent of their spouse and have lost their identity

- Who have become so enthralled in their business they forgot what it is to love and be gentle

- Who need help in finding the tools and resources to enable themselves to become independent

-Who are craving a community, sisterhood

-Who want to transform their lives into a Health & Wellness


We work with women in these areas and many more.

We are extremely happy and excited to share our love and space with you all.

**We will also be creating a youth services program which will allow us to sit with our YOUNG GIRLS and provide Guidance, Support and Empowerment.**


We encourage our Men to come and support our women, love our women, uplift our women and in turn we will do the same and help guide our men into a life filled with positivity, happiness, fulfilment, love and support. We must come together for the sake of Unity, brotherhood and sisterhood and to show promise to our youth.

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