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7 Week Entrepreneurship Program 

This is going to be a great 7 WEEK ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM (you can purchase every week individually as well) We are kicking off WEEK 1 next week Monday 9/21 @7pm


This is the time to step out of your comfort zone & #PIVOT ! Whether you are an #ENTREPRENEUR or rising in ranks in your #CAREER this program is for you! Our #successful #coaches will teach you how to excel in all areas of your #business & they want to see you #WIN !


 We have a extraordinary team of coaches that will be guiding you week by week in areas such as:


- WEEK 1: Building a BUSINESS Plan & Incorporating your Business - taught by @urbanteachnyc

7 WEEK ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM We held a very important conversation and Q&A on #BRANDING with expert #coach @alechiareese


BRANDING is a #marketing practice in which a company/individual creates a name, symbol and/or design that is #identifiable and #marketable.


BRANDING is super important because not only is it what make a memorable impression on #consumers but it allows your #customers and #clients to know what to expect from your #company.


BRANDING is critical. It can change how people perceive your #BRAND, it can #drive new #business and #increase #BRANDAWARENESS. 💯

Tonight we were live on IG @suefearless and we chatted with BUSINESS COACH @ms.business101 and discussed:


- SBA LOANS and where we went wrong and missed funding


- TAXES and how you too (just like 45) can find loop holes and pay less taxes


- BUSINESS FUNDING!! Welcome to week 3 of our 7 week ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM!

WEEK 5: MARKETING session led by @suefearless & @iammarisaking

As #smallbusiness owners we have to know that in order to have an effective business we must first invest into major areas that affect how #impactful our business can be for our #community and our Biz success!


One of these #investments are in MARKETING.


Marketing #consultants offer a broad range of services and have the flexibility and know-how to improve your business helping you reach your full #potential and target the right #clients for your business.


Some of the major reasons why folks hire marketing consultants are:

- Your marketing #strategy isn’t working.

- You do not have a marketing staff.

- You need an outsider #perspective.

- You need a #specialized marketing #skill.

& so much more!!!


Join us this evening as Marisa King shares tips, tricks and #resources for #effective marketing strategies! Whoa! You don’t want to miss this!  Thank you in advance for your support!

LESLIE MAXIE @lesliemaxie88 is a 1988 Olympian, Media Consultant, Professional Broadcaster & International Motivational Speaker. Leslie has interviewed major Hollywood actors & celebrities and has covered major sporting events.


@RANISEGILLESPIE is an award winning sales executive for Fortune top 50 global tech firms and a Master Certified Transformational Coach 

These two women not only help you find your #voice, #develop your #publicspeaking skills and learn to #effectively #communicate & #convey your #message but they also help you dig deep & figure out why you hold yourself back by tapping into your #MINDSET and helping you #ALIGN your thoughts with your #VISION  WOW Thanks in advance for the support everyone!

Week 6: Master Coach JESSICA SINCLAIR


She chatted with us about #NETWORKING! 🙌🏽


In this master session you will learn the essentials of networking, #selfbranding, preparation, and effective #communication! 💯

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