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Entrepreneurship & Financial Literacy Program Overview



Our Mission

The Entrepreneurship Initiative is dedicated to helping young minority women/men become successful entrepreneurs. We aim to inspire, educate and provide the resources needed to launch your business, start your entrepreneurship path to success and achieve economic freedom. We create a network of like-minded strivers to create a movement of women/men rebuilding their communities.


Our Vision

Entrepreneurship envisions a world where minority women/men have an equal chance to be successful entrepreneurs.  We offer the critical elements to break barriers - hope, trust, community, support and mentorship. Most importantly, we provide essential practicalities like space, training, connections, showcasing, business knowledge and resources. A co-working space is central to our vision so we will expand to every borough in New York City as well as other states. 


Our Initiative 

Fearless Women is launching our Entrepreneurship, She Tech and Financial Literacy initiatives! Women with Voices launched a women's business center for millennial minority and under privileged women in the heart of Brooklyn that houses Fearless Women entrepreneurship courses. In effort to support 3000 female/male entrepreneurs we will sponsor 300 women/men a year to help start or expand their businesses while teaching financial literacy. The initiative runs as a 4-7 week entrepreneur training course while providing free providing co working, on site business center space, classes, workshops and community to not only build them as entrepreneurs but to also support them in other arears of their lives. We are located at 535 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn NY 11217 which is near every major train station and steps a few steps from the Barclay's Center. The neighborhood has many amenities and small businesses which will serve as a great environment for our women. Our goal is to target minority women to arm them with the support and knowledge needed to succeed. With that being said we do not turn away any woman that can benefit from this initiative.


  1. Entrepreneurship Initiative –This Initiative will support a minimum of 1000 women/men become successful entrepreneurs and small business owners; by way of free co working memberships, on site business center, free financial literacy courses, workshops and providing our women with start-up grant opportunities with the Fearless Women Community.


  1. Financial and Economic Literacy Initiative – Teaches financial literacy covering topics like credit, money management, budgeting, mortgages, loans, working capital, renting, legal advice and more.


  1. She Tech Initiative – This Tech initiative helps women obtain skills in various fields such as computer literacy, coding, graphics designs, app development and more!


Membership Benefits include:

Benefits - Free Co Working Space - Hours 6am to 6pm

Business Startup and Expansion Support

Free Financial Literacy Training

Free Entrepreneurship Workshops

Free Classes

Free Networking Events

On Site Business Services

Women with Voices Community

Fearless Women Community and Workshops

Opportunity to make an Appearance on our Podcast and Advertise your Business



Curriculum: 4-7 Week Program

Week 1 –

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Business Mindset.

  • Entrepreneurship 101: Turning your idea into a business, How to build your Business Plan, and much more.

Week 2 –

  • Forming a legit Business: Business Formation, Obtaining EIN #, Creating a Business Acct., Maintaining your Bookkeeping, Filing your Taxes, Importance of having CP/Legal representation, and much more.

  • Creating Your Brand: Product Development, Niche, Mission Statement, Social Platform Engagement, Identifying your Target Audience, Creating your Website and Logo, and much more.

Week 3 –

  • Marketing Strategies/Research: How to Market/Advertise/Promote your business to Media and Sponsors, Obtaining a Public Relations representation, How to Increase Funding and Brand Exposure, and much more.

  • Networking: What is your Why? How to prepare for a Networking event, Developing your Elevator Pitch, How to Build and Strengthen relationships, and much more.

Week 4 –

  • Leadership: How to build a solid team, How to Lead effectively, How to Engage and Motivate your team.

  • Public Speaking: Techniques to providing a great presentation, to become comfortable speaking to a large audience, how to captivate and keep your audience attention, and so much more.

**Complete Business Plan & Graduation/Business Launch week receive certificate of completion.

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